Founded in 2009, Marquis Pilates & Fitness is a Semi-Private Studio that is one of the most respected fitness and rehabilitation studios in Southern California. 


"After six months of physical therapy working on two frozen shoulders and still having extremely limited range of motion, my physical therapist recommended I try Pilates and yoga. I’m so glad he did! Laura and her team have helped me strengthen muscles that grew weak from lack of use, and lengthen muscles that had grown inflexible. I have progressed from private lessons through restorative yoga and Pilates , and next week I will start Pilates classes. Not only can I stretch to reach things over my head again, but my posture is better and I’ve lost a couple of dress sizes. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and am so grateful to the team for their expertise and encouragement on my path back to fitness."

-Heather H.