One-On-One Sessions

Therapeutic Pilates Sessions

Therapeutic Pilates Sessions are designed to help you get to a pain-free way of life!  Clients with injuries should start in therapeutic sessions before moving on to privates sessions or group classes.

After conducting an in-depth examination, your specialist will outline a plan that will normally begin with some hands-on manual massage therapy and therapeutic Pilates-based exercises. At the conclusion of your sessions, a self-care plan will be given for optimal results.

*Includes Trigger Point Release (Massage)

*Marquis Pilates & Fitness does not accept insurance. 

Private Pilates

If you are new to Pilates, have very limited experience, special needs, pregnant, or within 6 months postpartum, it is recommended that you take a private or duet first. These sessions are perfect for clients who need specific attention for chronic pain, or for people who just prefer privacy while they workout.

The private sessions will teach you Pilates fundamentals before joining a group environment.  The instructor will evaluate your skills and help set you up for the right program to best suit your goals!